SD1075 - BearZilla and Zach Flip Flop - BearZilla & Zack Carson


We love it when big boys flip fuck! BearZilla and Zack were both in the mood to top so they agreed to flip fuck for us today. Zack gets things going by going down on BearZilla's schmeat and then has the favor returned as his own fuckpole is slobbered on, too. Zack also gets quite a bit of ass eating in as well so BearZilla will be nice and wet.

All hard and wet from the blowjobs Zack slides up BearZilla's chubby hole and starts to deep dick him from behind. We watch as Zack pounds that phat ass good and flips him over to pound some more on his back. This gets him off fast and he pulls out and blows a load on BearZilla's pink hole and shoves it back in, breeding him deep.

Now it's BearZilla's turn to top. He mounts Zack from behind, pulling his hair and fucking him hard. He then flips the cubby over just like he had been and looks at Zack while he continues to fuck his bare hole until BearZilla blows his own load all over Zack's balls.