Raunchy Bastards - Broke, Lives At Home - Clay & Guy Manion

Guy and I met online, and he was interested in doing porn videos. I believe that his desire is only partly because he lives at home and is broke. He is also a hornball, albeit discreetly. He wasn't bashful about getting naked and working it up, but he got increasingly nervous as I began creeping on him. He pretty much lost his hard on completely when I asked him to roll over so that I could see his butt better. However, I soon found out (and I think that he found out, too) that he loved having his butthole fingered. That sure did the trick for him, and he came buckets! He had come in for a "solo," but a little help towards the end sure did liven up the show!

1280x720 30m17s

Rel. Mar. 30 2022