Night Riders (1999) Studio 2000

Director Derek Kent

Chris Steele
Clay Maverick
Dave Chandler
Dave Nelson
Drew Peters
Joey Hart
Nick Savage
Scott Matthews
Stone Michaels

STUDIO 2000 delivers with NightRiders. Ever imagine an elite overnight courier service that really gets you what you want when you want it? That's what NightRiders, directed by Derek Kent, puts in your hands-big packages ready to erupt. Hot on the heels of such blockbusters as Cadet, West Hollywood Hope, Getting Straight and Jerry Douglas' Dream Team, NightRiders arrives in your box for your erotic edification, featuring such special deliverers as cum-blasting STUDIO 2000 exclusives-prodigious Chris Steele, magnificent Clay Maverick, and enticing Nick Savage.

1. Dave Nelson, Dave Chandler

2. Joey Hart, Stone Michaels

3. Clay Maverick, Drew Peters

4. Scott Matthews, Dave Nelson

5. Chris Steele, Nick Savage