Mustang Productions - The Last Surfer

Mustang Productions - The Last Surfer

Title: The Last Surfer
Studio: Mustang Productions
Produced: ?
Released: 1983, re-released 2002
Duration: 01:03:03

Genre: porn, gay, x-rated
Keywords: oral, anal, bareback, pre-condom, actual soundtrack, twinks, college aged, vintage, blonde surfer types, big dicks, jock strap, car blowjob, 69, solo, wet daydream, all boy pool party, coming out to Mom.

Country: USA, Los Angeles

Director: Toby Ross
Cast: Broderick Sterling, Dan McQuish, Daniel Holt, Doug Rossi, Jake Scott, Jeff Folger, Lee Carol, Michael Christopher, Paul Camrose, Stefen Peach, Tony Roco

Description: Set in the mid-1960's, this film stars Michael Christopher as a teenager torn between his pretty girlfriend and his hot yearning for his gay friend, Clinton. The two young men are about to be shipped to Vietnam and find consolation in each other's arms. The photography is classic and the 60's music is great! But all is overshadowed by the intense, hot lovemaking.


Scene 1. Jake Scott
Scene 2. Daniel Holt, Tony Roco
Scene 3. Michael Christopher, Jeff Folger
Scene 4. Paul Camrose, Stefan Peach
Scene 5. Jeff Folger, Michael Christopher

My notes:

A Toby Ross production
The sound track alone makes it a "must have".
Shot on film. I alway say, "Love the grain"
This DVD is the 2002 Blue Pictures re-release, so varies from original per GEVI notes.
"Gay Collectors Edition". I have no idea what that means, but I'm gay and a collector, so now I own it. You should too.