Masonic Boys - Apprentice Ryan Chapter 6 - Ordination With Bishop Angus

Right from the beginning they told me that my body didn’t belong to me. They said if I wanted to join the Brotherhood, I’d need to keep myself pure for at least six months - and then I’d have to give myself entirely to them. They said I’d need to remember my promise at all times..

Grandmaster Bishop Angus called me in today for my ordination. As I walked through the long, grand corridors of the complex, my heart started to pound. I instinctively knew that the promise I’d made all those months ago was about to become reality.

The training so far has been confusing and oblique, but it’s also been exciting and erotic beyond words. My body has been used by masked strangers, I’ve been humiliated, confused and abused and yet, I find myself slowly starting to learn the meaning of pleasure… and my purpose in life.

I’ve always had a thing about Grandmaster Angus. Whenever I see him, I find myself blushing! He exudes masculinity and power. I think he must know how he makes me feel because he’s been paying me a lot of attention recently. Many men have used me for their carnal pleasure in the last few months and it’s been mind-blowing in all the right ways, but Grandmaster Angus remains the only man I’ve truly felt connected to.

I was excited and relieved, therefore, when I found out that he was going to be ordaining me. I dressed in my best suit and tried to get the tie knot looking just right with the “v” at the bottom hanging just beyond the top of the belt. I watched a tie-tying internet tutorial delivered by a Brit, so I figured I looked pretty classy.

The ordination room was dazzlingly white - intimidatingly so. It’s lined with curtains, plainly made from incredibly expensive fabrics, and has a pure white carpet which put me on edge because I’d recently polished my shoes and instantly started worrying that the black polish would somehow wipe off and stain it. I guess all that whiteness is there to remind us about our vows of chastity.

Grandmaster Angus was standing in the room waiting for me. He looked so handsome and dapper in his beautifully-tailored, white suit. The sight of him made me blush more than ever before.

It also made me feel incredibly sexy, remembering those past occasions when he’d used my body. It struck me at that moment that I’ve always somehow held back. We pledged to give ourselves entirely to the Grandmasters, but, at that moment, as I looked into Angus’ eyes, I knew two things; firstly that this final stage of complete yielding was yet to happen and secondly that, when the time did come, I wanted to give myself to Angus.

He walked across to me and carefully undid my tie before seductively unbuttoning my shirt. I instantly started to feel aroused. My breath became shallow. My body tingled. Every time his hand brushed against my chest, stomach or shoulders, I felt myself shivering.

Strongly erotic thoughts danced in my brain. He unbuckled my belt and undid my pants which dropped heavily to the floor. Then he told me to take off my shoes. I started to nervously fumble at the laces, again worrying that if I took them off too quickly, I’d end up smearing the carpet with boot polish!

Before long, I was naked but for my underpants. He was still fully clothed as he pulled me in and started to kiss me. The sensation of kissing a man still feels a little bizarre. Joining the Brotherhood has gone a long way when it comes to sweeping feelings of religious guilt aside, but they still bubble up from time to time.

That said, the kiss was breathtaking. His beard bristled against my chin. It felt passionate and loving and so so exciting. He ran his hands down my body and over my ass before pushing my underpants to the ground. I caught myself wondering what my father would have said if he’d walked into the room at that point!

That thought was swept aside the moment Grandmaster Angus began to strip. I was desperate to see that hairy chest of his again and was excited to see his dick tenting impressively in his suit pants. There’s something really thrilling about making a man as important as Grandmaster Angus as hard as he got at that moment. He removed his shirt and there it was - that perfect hairy chest, swirling and matting like a beautiful rug through the see-through fabric of his undershirt.

He dropped his pants to reveal his enormous, muscular thighs before sitting me down on the edge of a couch, getting onto his knees and sucking my dick. It felt beyond amazing and I’m pretty sure I began to whimper the moment he started to glide those soft lips of his up and down my stiffening shaft.

Then he kissed me again. Everything felt so right, so instinctive, so familiar! But somehow, for the first time, respectful. Dare I say… loving? His dick is, of course, bigger than mine, and considerably thicker. I started sucking him, taking my cues from the noises he was making. The more he groaned and sighed, the more confidence I gained and the better I got… At least I hope that’s the case!

As usual, he got quite domineering with me, which I liked. He ordered me around and was fairly uncompromising in the way that he handled me. If he wanted me somewhere else, he’d tell me to move, or just pick me up and physically shove me there with his strong arms.

Before I knew it, I was lying down on the couch and he was rubbing oil into his dick which he then pressed into my hole with his fingers. It made me feel nervous all of a sudden, because I knew the moment had arrived. Those last encounters had just been sex. This time I was going to give myself to him. Properly.

As he pushed his dick into me, I felt a familiar rush of conflicting sensations. It hurt like hell, but it also felt amazing. I felt violated, yet utterly complete. I wanted him to stop, but the idea of him stopping was unthinkable. I lay on my back, legs in the air, watching the look of intense pleasure on his face and I realized, right then, that my life’s purpose was to serve him. His profound pleasure was my only goal.

His strokes got faster. He was using his entire body weight and strength to plow his dick in and out of me, tossing me about like a rag doll to find the most pleasurable angle, his giant thighs bouncing off the sides of my butt cheeks. He was forcing my body into more and more crazy contortions. I was bent double, legs around my ears, barely able to breathe at one point. But I longed for it to continue!

I kept wondering if he’d done this with any of the other apprentices, and if so which ones. The thought made me both horny and incredibly jealous. I guess I really wanted it to be as special for him as it was turning out to be for me. Was this magical encounter going to be the start of something incredible? I couldn’t take my hands off my dick. My body had become a vessel of pleasure for us both.

I instinctively knew that he was gonna cum. I don’t think anyone could have kept that level of thrusting going for very long before exploding. And boy did he explode!

He pulled out just as his dick started to spray pearls and pearls of semen and before the glorious rain had stopped, he sank it back into me again. I could still feel him twitching many many seconds later. It was the most remarkable feeling. Like I was being branded somehow. Like the Grandmaster was marking his territory. And I knew, at that moment, that my body was no longer mine…

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