Lucas Entertainment - Rico Marlon And Andrey Vic Spit-Roast Paco Rabo

From Bareback Auditions 17 - Ready For Action

Paco Rabo is a very handsome and very masculine guy. And because of that, it’s all the hotter when Paco reveals just about much of a submissive pussy-bitch he can be in the bedroom. Both Rico Marlon and Andrey Vic are turned on by all kinds of guys, but they especially like butch-looking guys who know how to take dick and properly service the needs of men. Paco is not shy about taking on both of these hung alpha guys at the same time. When you have a mouth and an ass, why limit yourself?

1920x1080 36m21s
Rel. Mar. 21 2022
4000kbps HD-But-Not-FHD version