Helix Latin America – Helix Soccer Team 2 – Ep 1 The Hard Coach

A new season of Helix Soccer Team begins. The hottest Latin players await you. This time they will face a new soccer team and we will meet their coach. Two young boys want to play but the coach won't put them on the court. The trainer tells them that for that they have to earn their space and what better than grabbing his huge penis. He grabs the boys' hands and places them on his cock, which is already very hard.

One masturbates him while the other kisses him, then they both kneel down and start sucking his cock. Quickly the trainer gets very hard, his dick swells with his veins and huge balls, both guys suck his head at the same time. Then one dedicates himself to sucking his balls and the other the cock's trunk and head. These guys really want to earn a spot on the court! But the coach is fair, and as the boys kiss, he kneels down and pulls down their football shorts, revealing their green boxers with huge dicks standing up bulging out.

She sucks both of his dicks at the same time, putting their heads in her mouth. Then, he strips them naked and leans them against his office desk, leaving their assholes open to be sucked. He dilates them well with his tongue, stimulates them, opening those closed asses. Until he makes one of the boys penetrate another from behind, guiding them in their task in which they are apprentices of the master.

When the guys are fucking, he also goes from behind and they form a chain of penetrations I understand their huge cocks in the other's ass. Then the trainer sits on a chair to let one of the guys sit on him and bounce him on his dick, eager to get that huge dick up his ass. While fucking the bottom sucking another's dick, this office really is a party. Then he changes the boy who bounces with his huge standing cock that moves everywhere.

Lastly, he puts them in four on some chairs and penetrates one of them so that they moan and enjoy themselves with great pleasure. To finish, he puts them on the floor, he pours his milk on their faces and mouths. They, grateful, also finish and kiss. They got their place in the next game. To find out how this story continues, be sure to watch the next episode of Hellix Soccer Team, playing with balls is very hot.

Duration: 29:39