Daddy Issues (2015)

Title: Daddy Issues

Studio: Catalina / Channel 1 Releasing

Director: Chi Chi LaRue

Starring: Kyle Kash, Scott Rage, Casey Everett, Rocco Steele, Trelino, Mitch Vaughn

Resolution: 1280x720
Codec: H264 AVC video, MP4A audio, 3158 kbps
Runtime: 01:35:34
File Size: 2.11 GB

Scene 1: Rocco Steele and Casey Everett. Receptionist Casey flirts with and is eventually fucked by waiting businessman Rocco.

Scene 2: Scotty Rage and Kyle Kash. Kyle's shower is interrupted when Scotty, dressed in a full suit, enters and has something else in mind.

Scene 3: Mitch Vaughn, Trelino. Trelino is out on the patio drinking a beer when Mitch shows him something else he can put in his mouth. Points for creative use of the beer bottle as a dildo.