Corbin Fisher - Dylan Feeds Dane

One of the benefits of doing what we do is we get to hang out and spend time with the guys between filming sessions, including hanging out with guys like Dane and Dylan. When they were both out to film the episode you're seeing here, they spent a fair amount of time joking around with one another, playing video games, and getting along. These guys have quite a bit in common, their senses of humor especially.

So as we get to sit here and watch Dane and Dylan fuck, I can't help but think of all those times I've been out and about at a restaurant or some other public place, and see two hot young guys hanging out with one another, either just the two of them or in a group with other hot guys. They're getting in to trouble, getting the attention of and flirting with girls, being loud and boisterous, talking about sports and video games, and giving off the impression to everyone around them they're straight stud alpha male types who are each gonna text their pick of all the countless girls they have in their contact list to fool around with later that night. In truth, though, they'll be trading blowjobs and one will be balls-deep, bare-dicked inside the other's hole not long after.

Here's it's Dylan balls-deep and bare-dicked inside Dane's ass, using Dane's hole to get off and that in turn getting Dane off as his hole gets worked over!

1920x1080 18m52s
Rel. Mar. 29 2022