Chaturbate - Andy from Heaven 2

Andy & Stan, Part 2 (part 1 torrent is still active - check it out, they are fucking in every clip there)

I just love those eastern european boys! (check out also my Horny Goats uploads). These 2 are lovely, but they haven't been on chaturbate for 5 months now... Maybe they broke up and are no longer a couple...

A cute bulgarian love couple. Those two are soooo sweet together! You can literally see and feel the love they have for one another. Their show is not so scripted or structurized, like the once of other chaturbate performers. They just sit there and enjoy each other, which makes it so unique and addictive to watch. Don't miss out and pls toss them a coin if you happen to see them on Chaturbate or Onlyfans.