ChaosMen 3000 - Tauro Johnson Solo

Tauro Johnson was a little hesitant to come in for a solo, but he settled in pretty quickly.

Tauro is a gogo dancer with pole dancing proficiency, even though he's entirely self-trained. He has a chill attitude, and we think you'll like what he has to offer!

We find Tauro shirtless, relaxing on the bed as he delivers his candid interview. He reveals that guys hit on him all the time, and we can't blame them!

Tauro stands and showcases his body for the camera before returning to the bed and revealing his thick, uncut cock. He came prepared wearing a cock ring, which helps to plump up his dick even more.

He grabs some lube, peels away his briefs, and gets to work. Tauro strokes his cock, adds some more lube, and really settles in to the scene.

Tauro rises up on to his knees and begins to stroke faster, moaning and playing with his balls as he builds up a thick load for you.

He spins around and showcases his hairy ass for the camera, continuing to stroke his cock downward as he does so.

Sensing that he's getting close to nutting, Tauro turns back over and lays across the bed. As he continues to stroke, he points his feet and toes, squeezing his legs together to apply more pressure to his dick.

Tauro works up a fat load that he shoots onto his stomach and pubes. He rubes his cum onto his cock head and into his fur, smiling as he wiggles his dick.

Let us know if you'd like to see more of Tauro - maybe we can convince him to come back for more!

1920x1080 16m30s
Rel. Mar. 21 2022