Black Velvet (1978)

Title: Black Velvet / Pornstud (FVP21 and FVP22)

Studio: Falcon

Director: Brad Chapman

Starring: Bill Harrison, John Holmes, John Traynor, Doug, Bo, Joe Markham, Tony Markham, Big Ben, Big John, Ken Orsini, Tom Cline

Resolution: 640x480
Codec: XVid MP4 video, MP3 audio, 1328 kbps
Runtime: 02:20:58
File Size: 1.32 GB


1. "Doug" - Solo j/o session with Doug.

2. "Black Velvet" - The title episode, "the film of films" according to the studio's preview, with Bill getting fucked by John Traynor's very large cock.

3. "Big John" - John Holmes solo, jacking off on his motorcycle, followed by another solo j/o session in the house.

4. "Go For It" - Solo j/o with skateboarder Bo

5. "Stud Brothers" - Joe and Tony Markham meet at the beach and fuck in the back of a pickup truck.

6. "Sex Club" - "Big 11-inch John and Tom Cline perform center stage at a private sex club, in a non-stop marathon of hot, sweaty sucking, fucking and fisting designed to turn on even the most jaded mean-meat fan!"

7. "The Big Standoff" - Ken Orsini cruises Big Ben in a club restroom and they engage in a mutual j/o session.

The final 30 minutes of this video consists of previews, including previews of these films, Black Velvet and Porn Stud (FVP21 and FVP22), along with previews for The Other Side of Aspen, Night Flight, Spring Training, The Other Side of Aspen II, Spring Break, and Giant Splash Shots II: More Memories of Summer.