Sharp Shooters (1997) Centaur

Director Chip Daniels

Brent Cross
Jean Rivera
K.C. Hart
Mark Antonio
Mark Mason
Paul Morgan
Scott Davis
Tony Cummings
Tony West

Saddle up and join the hottest, horniest cowboys this side of the Rio Grande as they prove to you what it took to be a man when the West was really hung! Whether on the open range, or in the bunkhouse...when the time's right...fuck while the iron's hot! So grab the lube and get ready to wrangle a few cheeks for some of the hottest all guy-on-guy action ever! Featuring nine hot hung guys in two juicy hours of hardcore action wild cowboy style!

1. Mark Mason, Tony Cummings

2. KC Hart, Tony West

3. Paul Morgan, Scott Davis

4. Brent Cross, Jean Riviera, Marco Antonio