My Brother's First Time (2005) Miami Studios

Cameron (ms)
Cory Wooden
Gus Ramirez
Mark Woods
Matt Matters
Matt Woods
Sawyer (ms)
Toby (ms)

If one is good, two is better! Sexy young sailor stud Matt Woods bring us his fraternal twin Mark, in a sextacular episode of fresh new faces, exciting places and, of course, the twins. Naked boys smoking, some serious footage for feet fans, raging rim action, and the return of Gus Ramirez, sexy Sawyer, and the amazing Cory Wooden. A whole month's worth of sucking and fucking brought to you in one action packed dvd!

1. Mark Woods solo, Matt Woods solo

2. Cameron (ms), Sawyer (ms)

3. Cory Wooden, Toby (ms), Gus Ramirez

4. Matt Woods, Matt Matters

5. Gus Ramirez, Toby (ms)