[Mustang Studios] MVP023 - Skin Tight (1993)

Studio: Mustang Studios
Director: Chi Chi LaRue
Country: USA
Released: 1993
Length: 1h 06m 21s
Resolution: 720p x 540p

Cast: Aaron Austin, Chad Steel, Elec Voughn, Jay Corey, John Rhodes, Josh Taylor, Matthew Windsor, Mitch Taylor (90s), Rob Cryston, Shawn Justin

Josh Taylor Ogr, Rob Cryston OgrAbRr, Shawn Justin OgrAtRg The heat of a roaring fire inspires Josh Taylor, Rob Cryston and Shawn Justin to shed their suits and slip into something a little more comfortable - each other. Rob sucks Shawn and Josh one at a time and then, stretching his mouth wide, together. Smouldering with desire, Shawn takes Rob from behind and buries his cock deep in Rob's ass while Rob devotes himself to Josh's cock. The men work themselves into a frenzy finally spilling their loads. found in compilation The Best of Rob Cryston (Falcon)

Chad Steel OgrRr, Elec Voughn OgrRg, John Rhodes solo Young studs Chad Steel and Elec Voughn find a spare room to satisfy their desire for each other. As these boys suck and rim each other, John Rhodes watches their play from the doorway...stroking his fat cock. As John watches the boys pump out their respective loads he feels his own shoot out.

Jay Corey OgAbRg, Matthew Windsor OrAtRr Jay Corey is desperate to get into muscle-stud Matt Windsor's suit. He devotedly sucks Matt's cock, rims his hole, and prepares his own ass to take Matt's cock. Matt slides in and gives Jay a good pounding before both men unleash their loads.

Mitch Taylor (90s) OgAbRg, Aaron Austin OrAtRr Mitch Taylor hooks up with muscle-stud Aaron Austin in the bathroom. He orally services Aaron's fat cock...prepping it for his ass. Aaron bends Mitch over the tub and gives his ass a good pounding before blowing his load over Mitch's face and chest.