Lorenzo from Latinboyz

This torrent contains both videos Lorenzo, who was recently featured in the "Guys with Big Dicks" photo forum, did for Latinboyz, one solo and one where he tops with a condom. Both are only available in 480p, but the clarity is pretty good, despite the size.

LatinBoyz Model LORENZO

They say that things grow bigger in Texas and in the case of Lorenzo’s big 9 inch dick we would have to say that must be true!

He’s 18 and from Dallas. He recently moved out on his own for the first time and shares an apartment with two other straight guys his own age. They don’t know he’s bisexual and has to keep it on the DL. He’s never had a boyfriend and doesn’t want one until he’s in his mid 20’s at the earliest.

For now he likes to kick back and go to clubs at night and loves dancing to hip hop music. Sexually he’s been both a top and a bottom but prefers being a top. We’re sure the lucky guys that have been with him have no complaints!

LatinBoyz Models LORENZO and ROBBY

Both Lorenzo & Robby let us know from day one that they wanted to be in porn. When we showed Robby’s photo to Lorenzo he said “I gotta tap that ass”. When we showed Lorenzo’s photo to Robby he said “I want that big dick. Can you make it happen?” Our job should always be this easy!