Hot Firemen (1996) Centaur

Director Chip Daniels

Alex Kincaid
Chris Anthony
J.T. Sloan
Johnny Hanson
Kyle Reardon
Paul Carrigan
Sam Crockett
Will Clark

"Hot Firemen" takes you behind the scenes where firemen fight fire with fire. Got a fire in the hole? These men are ready to slip in their hoses and put it out. Like it hot? These studs come together in every raw, scorching way possible willing to blast their hoses all over each other's fevered flesh. Watch them explode - all routine in their day's work!

1. Alex Kincaid, Sam Crockett

2. Chris Anthony, Will Clark

3. Kyle Reardon, Paul Carrigan, Will Clark

4. J.T. Sloan, Johnny Hanson