Freshmen # 268 – Bart Cuban & Eluan Jeunet

Bart Cuban & Eluan Jeunet, part 1

Blond Eluan Jeunet and dark-haired Bart Cuban might appear to be total opposites but the truth is, they have several things in common. Their mutual kinkiness, insatiable lust and versatility make them the perfect couple for a flip flop video. Eluan cannot wait to feel Bart’s hard uncut dick inside him so just after giving each other intense mutual blowjobs, he offers his hole to Bart. When Bart slides his cock inside, he awakens the true animal in Eluan and we can enjoy some passionate male-on-male action. We especially like the moment when Barn cums on Eluan’s hole and then sticks his cock back inside using the cum as lube.

Bart Cuban & Eluan Jeunet, part 2

When you pair together two guys like Bart and Eluan you can be sure that the fun never ends. After seeing Eluan get fucked by Bart in the first video, it’s time for them to reverse roles. Eluan always loves an athletic guy’s butt and Bart will never object to bottoming for a guy with a big uncut cock. After a hot 69, we are mesmerized by the sight of Bart’s ass as he is rimmed and penetrated by lusty Eluan. The huge cum explosion at the end only serves to prove the chemistry between them.

Duration: 21:18 & 22:23