College Dudes – Jayden Pierce & Johnny Hunter – Planning A Brunch Party Fuck

Johnny and Jayden are gathering some ideas to throw a brunch party for their friends. After doing some initial research, the boys decide to take a break, and Jayden suggests they have a little fun. Johnny agrees, the guys take off their shirts, and Johnny goes to put Jayden’s dick in his mouth. He sucks Jayden slow and deep, giving his friend immense pleasure. Jayden gets Johnny on his back and copies him by taking his cock in his mouth too. Johnny loves how great Jayden’s lips feel around his cock.

Jayden is feeling freaky, and really wants Johnny to fuck him. Johnny licks his hole for a while, then eases his dick in Jayden from behind. He pounds Jayden on the bed, and the look on Jayden’s face says that he enjoys taking it. He gets pounded on his hands and knees before he flips to his back and takes Johnny’s dick some more. Johnny goes deeper into him, kissing him and grabbing onto him, until both guys get close. Johnny pulls out and shoots his load all over Jayden, while Jayden shoots his.

Duration: 14:52