Classic BBA - Michael Galletta's Dark Obession (Black Male Asses), Volume I

It is generally regarded as impolite, and certainly problematic, to openly discuss one's (or other people's) sexual fetishism, particularly if they hinge on racial or ethnic bias. For evidence of this, look no further than Donald Sterling's spectacular and inevitable fall from NBA and national grace: Sterling reportedly allowed women into the locker room while his players (from the Clippers basketball team) were showering, encouraging his female guests to "Look at those beautiful Black bodies".

Compounding that remark, one amongst many, was his apparent (and recorded) distaste of racial and ethnic minorities who detracted from his bottom line/profit margin (as revealed by his ex-mistress and others), thereby confirming the sole reason for their existence in his hierarchical world: to be mercilessly exploited.

American pornography, by contrast, faces no such conflict of interest or guilty hang-up as it simultaneously satirizes, glorifies and entrenches racial and sexual tropes which have long existed in wider Americana. At and, for example, well-endowed Black men with typically darker hues, earnestly lick, suck and fuck mostly lily-White women into a kind of sexual nirvana, channelling the sexual narrative behind D. W. Griffith's historically racist, yet critically acclaimed, "Birth of a Nation".