ChaosMen - Solomon Aspen Solo 2 (720P)

Solomon Aspen is back after a long hiatus from ChaosMen, so we decided it might be fun to have him revisit the Solo series and give us a new interview. Solomon gives a very candid interview, sometimes bordering on too candid. Solomon has no shame, and we support that! Solomon offers up some advice that he'd give to his 21 year-old self when he was starting in the biz, and he has nothing but positive things to say about his time spent with ChaosMen. Thanks, Solomon!

We're sure you all remember how flirty Solomon is, and he doesn't disappoint. Solomon flashes his signature devilish grin at the camera before whipping out his dick. He reclines on the bed and strokes his cock while massaging his hole.

Solomon gets up on his knees and continues to work his dick, tugging on his balls before asking if you'd like to see his ass. He flips around and showcases his ASSets for the camera before reclining once more against the pillows. Solomon works up a thick load that his blasts on his thigh before sampling a taste of his nut