Bring Me a Boy – My Big Boy - Harry

It's been a few years since I last saw my stepson, Harry, in person. Being stuck in Italy made me miss my boy. I didn't realize how much he had grown. I made him take his shirt off to get a better look. Then I had him take his shorts off and show me his dick. Even that seemed to have grown quite a bit, and I just had to throw my lips on it. Then it was time to reacquaint himself with my cock. His mouth was just what I wanted, but his ass was what I required. I ate his hole and got it soft and open. I pushed my tongue as far as I could before feeding Harry's hole my tool. I took my time and made sure I treated his ass right, and his butt swallowed my cock. I fucked his ass until he shot on his stomach. I then pulled out and did the same. Damn, I missed my boy.

Duration: 19:21