TwinkLoads – Jason Sparks Bottoms – Jason Sparks & Brent Oliver

Jason Sparks has a lot of stress and is in desperate need for a deep massage and a full release. He asked his friends for a good recommendation and, sure enough, they were all eager to give him many names to try out. Today’s masseur is cute, blond-haired Brent. Jason strips naked and lies on the table while Brent gets to work, vigorously rubbing oil into the older man’s back and thighs. Hot sun streams into the room. Brent takes his top off and continues. His seductive hands glide over every inch of Jason’s tight, muscular body. Both men are quickly becoming aroused. Jason does his best to stay still, not wanting to reveal his erection. But Brent is the one who breaks the ice and shows the older man the attraction is mutual. Brent’s shorts come off. His giant, mushroom-helmeted dick is fully erect and bouncing as he plunges a finger into Jason’s tight hole. Jason knows this is not part of the massage, but is happy to receive the handsome man’s touch. Brent cheekily rests his dick on the back of Jason’s head. Jason grabs the young masseur’s member and allows it to slide in and out of his partially closed fist. Minutes later, Brent’s rock hard meat is deep inside Jason’s mouth and the blond twink is moaning and gasping appreciatively. Jason kneels on the edge of the table and presents his ass for the horned-up boy to prep with his slippery, snake-like tongue. The inevitable fuck is slow at first as Brent gets the older, tight-assed man used to his massive dick, but the tasty twink is soon driving his mega-meat deep into Jason’s guts with increasing speed and energy. This boy certainly knows how to bang! Now fully horned up, the young masseur grabs his phone and starts to film himself as he slams his dick into his groaning client. Brent will want to watch this hot fuck back later! The young man keeps pumping, filling Jason’s ass with his rock hard cock. It all leads to an intense orgasm that makes Jason tremble. Brent goes at it real hard and then shoots a massive load deep inside Jason which gushes out as he pulls out. Jason is left on the table, full of cum and deeply satisfied and ready to schedule a second appointment!

Duration: 34:20