Tony's Thing (1993) Studio 2000

Director John Trennel

Brandon Walker (90s)
Brian Nichols (90s)
Cort Stevens
Daryl Brock
Greg Ross
Joey Morgan
Max Grand
Tony DiAngelo
Tyler Scott (90s)
N Michael Reubens

“Tony’s Thing” is a slam-bang marathon of sex, sex, and more sex. With tongues firmly in someone's cheeks, this show begins, "Once upon a time in the hills above Hollywood.” Well, there's no doubt that this is a fairy tale but rest assured, it's a very adult fairy tale. And the fames are definitely mythical, for the studs making up the cast of this hard hardcore adventure are all-man men.

1. Tony DiAngelo, Cort Stevens

2. Tyler Scott, Greg Ross

3. Brandon Walker, Max Grand

4. Joey Morgan, Daryl Brock