Raw Alpha Males - Kosta Viking Dominates And Fists Ricky Hard

There is no man who has met Kosta Viking who doesn’t instantly form a desire for him. He’s just too damn good looking.

Ricky Hard first met Kosta Viking when he was hanging out by the pool while working on his tan. They hit it off and started flirting pretty hard before realising they both wanted each other. Ricky leads Kosta Viking eagerly to his room where they strip down and get on the bed. Kosta pulls his long curly blond hair up into a tight man bun before they start fucking. Since Ricky wants it hard, Kosta does not shy away from the request. The top even tests Ricky Hard’s anal limits by slamming and pumping his ass with his uncut Italian cock.

Duration: 19:36 minutes

Released: November 3, 2021