Only Fans - DrOneDik fucked raw by Rawr ItsBen

These two spend a lot of time together, though Raw ItsBen's egalitarian nature ensures that he spreads the love far and wide. They have certainly done quite a bit on Chaturbate where, as a rule, things are limited to dick sucking and rimming.

I have not seen that much where there is any fucking, but there's a good dose of fucking in this one.

DrOneDik is cute, handsome, fit. He has a nice big uncut cock. He is lazy in bed, and when he has his hole played with, eaten out, fucked, he loses the power of thought - so: much more work for the top, but looks like it is worth it.

DrOneDik can cum quite easily just being eaten out. He does cum getting eaten out this time too, but his prostate has been well primed by the time that happens.

His cumshots are spectacular, and this time is no exception (they both cum loads).

Rawr ItsBen is a stud muffin. A cheeky smile, and a hefty cock too.

They seem to enjoy their time together in all the stuff I have seen them do (there's lots of kissing, eyes closed), but it is Ben in control (and that suits DrOneDik just fine).

I love seeing DrOneDik on his hands and knees, offering up his hole. Can't imagine many men being able to refuse what's on offer...

Duration: 35:15