Now and Forever (2000) Studio 2000

Director Derek Kent

Anthony Cox
Kurt Wolfe
Nick Young
Ricky Shore
Steve Cassidy
Travis Wade
Trevor Halston
Troy Michaels
Dan Cross - Non-sexual role

Fabulous faces! Great bodies! Huge cocks ! Massive loads! And a love affair that transcends time. Put them together and you've got Now and Forever. On top of all this dick and drama, let's talk about superstar Travis Wade as the lead. He's a first-rate fuckster who can act and that's what Now and Forever had to have. He's got the dick, he's got the talent, he's got the bod and in short he's got it all! As the object of Wade's love, long and lean, blond and delicious Troy Michaels is clearly the sexual treasure worth going back in time to reclaim. Travis Wade is known for his massive meat; Troy Michaels equals and all but surpasses him. Their big scene is resplendently romantic and super sexual in the legendary Studio 2000 way.

1. Steve Cassidy, Travis Wade

2. Anthony Cox, Kurt Wolfe, Ricky Shore

3. Trevor Halston, Nick Young

4. Travis Wade, Troy Michaels