MEN - Identically Hot - Michael Boston & Finn Harding [1080p]

Finn Harding tries his best at flirting with his sister's new guy, but he doesn't take the bait. Luckily, the boyfriend's identical bro, Michael Boston, shows up, and he is immediately DTF!

Michael checks out Finn and immediately sucks his cock as soon as their siblings' backs are turned. The guys head outside to try to start the grill, but Finn gets distracted by Michael's ass and fucks him doggystyle!

Michael's bro catches them, but they don't stop their sneaky sex once they come back inside. Michael gets pounded over the kitchen counter, then Finn fucks the bottom missionary on a stool.

Michael rides the top on the kitchen island and jacks himself off till he cums, then gets on his knees for Finn's hot load on his face!