Let's Do Lance A Lot (2006) Miami Studios

Corey Peters
Dale Wilson
Gus Ramirez
Kai (ms)
Lance Bolter
Nick Ho
Ryan Daniel
Scot Kurzweil

A dvd to treasure forever. Two Asian hardcore scenes, two Lance scenes, soldiers, sailors, and marines. The return of Miami Studio's Littlest Marine, Corey Peters, three blue eyed blonds, and huge cocks. There's a whole lot of sucking and screwing going on!! You will love the outdoor settings, the hardcore action, and Corey together with Lance!!

1. Lance Bolter solo

2. Ryan Daniel solo

3. Scot Kurzweil solo

4. Gus Ramirez, Nick Ho

5. Dale Wilson, Kai

6. Lance Bolter, Corey Peters