KB FFun Vol 5 - Asians

Today we have the final collection of categorized videos. The Asians. I am not sure what to say about them. To be honest, I find asian guys slender hands and arms so sexy, but I have never been fisted by one. Perhaps at some point I will change that.

Notable videos are '9410468_2_hand_boy' for his reaction to getting what he was begging for. We have all been there at least once, some of us on a more regular basis!

The video '7146814_little_chinese_fister' is good. The boy really loves and can take a fist!

See 'Gotofistfucktrip5 Stomach Bulge Haraboko, Free Gay Porn 80' for a view that will give you a good idea of the actual mechanics of fisting. Super HOT body on the bottom as well.

The next volume, and all future ones will just be mixed videos that I have on hand but had not posted yet.

Enjoy the videos.