KB FFun Vol 4 - Russians

Ohla ffriends

Today's collection is featuring the Russian boys that I have been able to identify (as Russian). I employed the latest in Forensic Porn identification technology in this regard. Much as OddTwink22's unique choice of tatoos make his older work identifiable, for two of these Russian boys, one has a unique voice, and the other has some unique toys that he always seems to have on hand.

The boy with the balaclava is the voice tracked one. He has a nice series of videos showing his progression as a bottom. In the earlier vids he is struggling to get past mid forearm, and then later the limit is elbow. Finally in his latest vids, he is on to bicep and arching and lifting his body mid thrust to gain a few more inches of penetration. All the while screaming 'Yes' and something else that I can only guess is harder, deeper or faster in Russian. His videos are all quite long as well, compared to most. Quite a few of them are shot at fisting parties with multiple slings in the background, each with a pair of boys fisting away. So hot!!

The other boy has the biggest, deepest hole I have ever seen on a smooth, twink like, boy next door type. He always has a hood on, so you don't get to see his face, but if you look carefully, I have a video of him without the hood on (though I can't remember which vid it is, and it may not be in this collection). Just so you know, he is cute, blond and mid 20's (or at least he was!).

What ties all his videos to gether is his choice of toys. He has 3 LARGE dildos that he is always either removing from his hole or having inserted in his hole, all at the same time of course! This takes a lot of effort, and usually requires 2 arms to the elbow or 3 arms to reach the 3rd dildo! They are rather unique looking, so it makes it easy to link back to him.

His hole is also remarkably perfect, almost, pristine. Quite suprising considering the gape and pressure it is subjected to with 3 arms penetrating him on a regular basis.

His rosebuds on the other hand are massive. If you are new to fisting, they can be a bit overwhelming. Trust me, in time you will learn to appreciate this boys incredible talent.

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I should also mention that I will have more collections coming, but only the next one (Asians) will be categorized. After that they will just be a mix. My tastes are pretty obvious anyway. No hairy bears or muscle daddy's unless paired with something approaching a twink.