KB FFun Vol 3 - FFun 1

Now we are deep into it, my collection that is! This one has a bunch of hot scenes, lots of punching holes open, etc. Still lots of twinks in this one. My classification of vids leaves a lot to be desired, it seems. Also in this one is 7 CDNLifter and OddTwink22 vids that I missed in Vol 1. See if you can find them for yourself.

The next volumes will be the Russian and Asian focused ones. They will be smaller than this hulking one. Though I suspect, that a lot of the performers in the Vol 1 & 2 are actually Russian.

Notable videos are '02-01-2018 Two guys fisted me', what an amazingly cute ass, and '13224344_it_s_amazing_what_you_can_make_fit_in_there', because it is pretty amazing! Also see 'Almost Shoulder Deep and 48" Dildo - Hot-Wings & PunchFFTop [720p]' to be amazed as to what can go where!