Cruizin' with Cameron (2005) Miami Studios

Cameron DanielsDimitri (ms)

Kyle McDermott
Mark Woods
Matt Woods
Rico Mantos
Scott Cruise (white)

Lots Of Blonds. blueyes, the Woods twins , super sized cocks , the old "cum in the face trick" and a liltte foot worship, all in one amazing episode. !! With humility and respect, we dedicate this episode the Mark Woods Cock. We don' t know how a 5'7 128 pound teen gets such huge loads on everybody, but we;re glad he'd does Tight teen twink bodies in heat and motion,

1. Rico Mantos solo

2. Mark Woods solo, Matt Woods solo

3. Mark Woods, Dimitri

4. Scott Cruise, Cameron Daniels

5. Kyle McDermott, Cameron Daniels