[College Dudes] Lets Fuck At My Place - Alexander Ray and Liam Addison

Released: 29 Oct 2021

Duration: 19m 29s

Alexander invites his friend Liam to come hang out, but he had other intentions from the start. The boys immediately kiss and play with each other. Doesn’t take long before Alexander lowers himself to Liam’s nice cock and puts his mouth on it. He sucks Liam off well, while Liam rolls his eyes back in pleasure. They switch and Liam shows Alexander what his mouth can do too.

Alexander definitely wants to get in Liam’s ass, so he preps it by rimming him first. Liam moans as Alexander works his tongue around his hole. Ready for cock, Liam gets on his knees and takes Alexander’s big cock from behind. Alexander loves ramming into him hard, and hearing Liam moan in response. He gets Liam on his back and continues fucking him. He even smells Liam’s underwear, which got him so aroused he wanted to cum. Alexander pulls out and shoots his load all over Liam. Liam does the same, and realizes he had the same intentions as his friend all along…