A classic style CockHero featuring solo, duo, trio and group straight, lesbian, gay and bisexual activity.

Arrangement by Morton Bridges

Music by Movie Theater, licensed under Creative Commons (attribution, non-commercial, share alike).

After literally years hoping for someone to make a CockHero video featureing bisexual male activity, Morton Bridges eventually got tired of waiting and said "if I want this, I'll need to do it myself". With that in mind, they dove into video editing, and, in typical Morton Bridges fashion, bit off more than they could chew. The results are a flawed, yet functional, video which may yet be the first proper bisexual themed CockHero video made.

Resoution: 1080p

Duration: 35:22

Stroking Time: ~30 minutes

Progresses through solo male and female undressing and masturbation, oral sex, duo, trio and group sex involving straight, lesbian, gay and bisexual activity.