Bait Buddies – Aaron Perez & Alonzo Diaz

First up, is Aaron Perez! Aaron is young and hot with a slim and toned body, a nice ass and a mouth watering cock! Aaron is in search of a more mature straight guy and he wants to see if he can convince him to go gay for pay! So, he contacted Caruso to see if he could help him out. As always, Caruso delivers!

Alonzo Diaz is this week's straight guy and Aaron couldn't be happier! Alonzo is a little older with a hot and hairy body, a big beard, and a cock that's ready to fuck!

Caruso has both guys strip down, get hard, and stay hard while he checks on the girl. But, she's a no show again and the only way Aaron and Alonzo will be making any money today, is if they have sex with each other. Caruso double the original offer and Alonzo couldn't resist so he agrees to give it a try. Apparently, just talking about having sex again made Alonzo's cock rise back up! Aaron wasn't wasting another minute so he leaned over and started sucking on it! Alonzo was the perfect guy for fulfill Aaron's fantasy and he was thorouly enjoying his blowjob!

Duration: 36:12