[All Worlds Video] The Naked Sword - Dirk Yates (2003)

Producer and director Dirk Yates continues his career-spanning celebration of young military men with this new release from All Worlds. There seems to be no end to the supply of current enlistees, decommissioned officers or faux-military types ready to strip down and stroke it up for director Yates' cameras, as evidenced by his long-running Private Collection and The Few, the Proud, The Naked series.

The problem that often presents itself with Yates' work stems from his wish to present "straight" military men having "gay" sex. In other words, these guys may be sucking and fucking each other six days to Sunday, but God forbid they show any signs of enjoyment lest they seem too "gay." Sex in a Yates video is often seen as punishment or a drunken aberration and almost always excludes a sense of sensuality or intimacy.

The resulting sexual ambiguity is obviously a successful formula for Yates, but it sometimes leaves this reviewer as disinterested as some of the models onscreen.

The Naked Sword stays true to this formula but does include a couple of moments of genuine sexual heat.

It should be said that Yates, to his credit, has a penchant for choosing attractive yet refreshingly average guy-from-the-military-base-next-door men who are often a welcome antidote to the pneumatically enhanced muscle boys in the majority of other videos. The Naked Sword, in particular, is blessed with two lookers, Sledge Sawyer and Austin Brooks, who are both lean and possess long, cut cocks that look great when being sucked by a fellow grunt.

Blow job enthusiasts will be very happy as Yates offers extended sucking sessions during each of the four segments. Awesome close ups of Brooks licking Sawyer's furry little asshole is a nice highlight in the second segment, along with a couple of all-too-brief kisses.

The final section centers on a bout of drunken sex in a motel room between three buddies but primarily serves to introduce Yates' new exclusive Barrett Long. This black-haired and apple-cheeked newcomer is blessed with a tremendously thick cock that hangs pendulously between two strong young thighs. Long is also possessed of two of the lowest hanging balls I have ever seen in video or through personal experience. Ball sac aficionados will most certainly find themselves in a special kind of heaven as Long pulls and twists his nuts while sneaking a look at his two buddies fucking. Long subsequently unloads an impressive amount of sticky white cum on the motel mirror before the segment and the video itself fade to a close.

The Naked Sword appears to be the first installment in a new series of "sword"-themed videos featuring Long and his tremendous trouser snake. I have no reason to believe that Yates will change his formula of "straight" young military men exploring their sexuality with each other, but I would hope in the future he'll inspire his models to express themselves with more passion and less pride.