TwinkLoads - James Clark - Jason Sparks Bottoms - Encounter 1 (1080p)

Perhaps it’s a bit of a cliche to admit that I’ve always fantasied about the idea of fucking a pizza delivery boy! In the films and on TV, these lads are always young, sexy-as-fuck and willing to do almost anything for a decent tip! The reality, of course, is usually a crushing disappointment. The lads that delivered pizzas to my place are almost exclusively skinny and dim-witted in the extreme!

That all changed a couple of weeks ago when a sexy redhead named Connor turned up. Let’s just say he got a very healthy tip. (He fucked my brains out for an hour!)

I’ll be honest and say that when the doorbell rang tonight, I was half-hoping Connor would be back for seconds, but the lad that turned up instead was equally hot. His name was James and he was a proper twink: blond and lean, about my height… Sexy as all hell!

I’d already paid for the pizza by credit card, but I thought the lad was cute enough to tip. I told him to wait by the door whilst I got my wallet, but was rendered speechless when he said I could tip him another way. I genuinely wasn’t sure what he meant until he said, rather pointedly, “I talked to my co-worker Connor…”