TwinkLoads - Connor Taylor - Jason Sparks Bottoms - Encounter 2 (1080p)

Jason Sparks enjoyed “breakfast” so much last time that he’s back for seconds, hoping that Connor Taylor will be the one delivering. He’s not disappointed when he opens the door to find the twink smiling back at him. Connor is thrilled to have a repeat customer, and he’s even happier when Jason suggests fucking on the stairs.

The two make out at the bottom of the staircase, Connor’s long cock already hard and visible down the leg of his jeans. Jason pulls down Connor’s pants and starts tugging on the hard meat while they make out, then he kneels to suck Connor off. Jason positions the boy so that he’s sitting on the stairs, then Jason kneels and continues sucking.

“You want to eat my ass?” Jason asks, and Connor naturally says, “Hell yeah.” The two swap places, with Jason pulling down his pants and getting on all fours on the stairs so Connor can get his face in that smooth ass. Jason is already rock hard, and it’s not long before he’s encouraging Connor to fuck him. Jason gasps as Connor slides into his ass, and this time he wants some video for himself. He hands Connor his phone and gets him to record the action.

Connor eventually wants both hands free so he can grip the hand rails for leverage to really dig deep into Jason’s ass. Connor’s body stiffens as he shoots in Jason’s hole, pulling out for just a moment to let the cum leak down and then shoving right back in.