TwinkLoads - Connor Taylor - Jason Sparks Bottoms - Encounter 1 (1080p)

“Wearing just a towel, Jason answers a knock at the door. It’s Connor, delivering Jason’s food order. The look of the tall twink gets Jason boned up immediately, and while he turns to fetch a tip. Connor doesn’t even try to hide the fact that he’s looking at Jason’s muscular back with a hungry and approving stare. As Jason turns to give Connor some cash, he drops the towel. The twink takes the cash reflexively, but his eyes are on Jason’s cock. And his hand soon follows.

The two move to the bedroom where Jason strips Connor revealing a massive, hard cock. Jason kneels to suck Connor and the twink bucks into his mouth with a hand behind Jason’s head. Later, Connor gets Jason bent over the bed and kneels down to get his tongue deep in Jason’s ass, preparing him to take his big dick.

Doggy style on the bed, Jason moans loudly as Connor pushes deep into him on the first thrust. Jason gets more than he paid for from this hung twink, and Connor isn’t a gentle fuck. He picks up the pace and starts slamming Jason’s ass. Then he pulls out his phone to get some video of his cock deep dicking Jason’s smooth ass.

Jason suggests getting on his back and the two move to the edge of the bed where Connor can plunge into Jason’s hole even deeper. As he gets close, Connor really pounds into Jason, who begs Connor to breed him.

Connor pulls out to see his cum leaking, and then shoves his cock right back in and gives Jason a kiss goodbye. Jason is definitely going to be using this delivery service more often!”