TwinkLoads - Connor Taylor - Braden Rush Bottoms - Encounter 1 (1080p)

Super twink delivery boy Connor Taylor strikes again! After Connor receives a cash tip from Braden Rush, he gets a better idea, and he grabs the older man’s crotch. The two make out in Braden’s living room before heading to the bedroom, where Connor climbs on top of Braden on the bed. After another make-out session, he removes everything but his underwear and then gets to work on the buttons of Braden’s shirt. Connor’s long cock is already rock hard in his boxer briefs when Braden rips them off, letting the twink’s cock spring out against his stomach with a slap. Braden deep throats him right away, trying his best to swallow the whole pole.

When Connor suggests rimming Braden’s ass, Braden jumps out of bed and tears off his clothes. Connor kisses, licks, and tongue fucks Braden’s hole, making the older man writhe and moan. This gets Connor ready to fuck. He rubs the head of his cock up and down over Braden’s hole and then goes in slowly, waiting only a moment before going balls deep. Braden arches his back and leans back into Connor’s strokes as the top whips out his phone to add another video to his gallery of asses he owns.

Connor gets Braden to the side of the bed, chest down and ass up, and Braden starts begging for that twink load. “Give it to me, boy! Gimme that load!” Braden moans. The vocal urging pushes Connor over the edge, and he dumps a big load into Braden’s hole before pulling out to see his handiwork. Cum leaks out of Braden for just a moment before Connor plunges right back, leaning down against Braden’s back and pulling his head back to kiss him.