TwinkLoads - Connor Taylor - Bob Lemus Bottoms - Encounter 1 (4K)

I couldn’t wait to massage Bob Lemus. He was a proper DILF! Tall, shaven-headed with a damned fine torso!

Almost as soon as I started the treatment I realized he was getting horny. And the more I massaged, the more I appreciated his body. Every muscle had been worked on.

My shorts came off fairly quickly. I moved around to the top of the table and allowed my rock hard dick to subtly bounce on the back of his head. Moments later, his hand was wrapped around it, and pretty soon after that he started to suck me off.

And boy did Bob know how to suck! His lips were full, soft and wet. He slid them up and down the entire length of my shaft, effortlessly taking my helmet deep into the dark recesses of his throat.

I told him to get on all fours and allowed my tongue to dance over his tight hole.

I pulled him to the side of the table and told him I was gonna have him. He put one knee up on the table and kept one leg on the floor which had the effect of pulling his cheeks apart so that my 9-inch dick could slide in.

I took him faster and faster and he was yelling so loud I started worrying about the neighbors!

As usual, I got my phone out and started filming myself.

I blasted right into his guts. I knew I’d shot big. I hadn’t cum for a few days and when I pulled out of him a great dollop of the stuff spattered onto the floor.