[Ridley Dovarez] Tantrik (2017)

Lie and relax, as our home masseurs take care of everything in four sessions: relaxing, tonic, sensual, and especially Tantric!

David Valentin will put aphrodisiac oil on the body and give the most sensual massages in which to please our client (Guillaume Wayne).

If you do not like Doryann (Doryann Marguet), lie down and treat yourself to Rafael (Rafael Lecocq) for a journey where time does not count. A scene of rare sensuality, full of sweetness, caresses, tender kinks and torrid embraces. The temperature raises a notch!

Discover our apprentice masseur (Austin Dallas) who gets his first client (Paul Burning) and will begin by massaging the mouth of Paul and ending by offering his greedy ass to eat.