Nights in Eden (1994) Studio 2000

Director John Trennel
Adam Hart
Alec Powers
Alex Kincaid
Chad Donovan
Joshua Sterling
Kevin Kramer
Mike Lamas
Greg Taylor - non-sexual role

Set in the very current world of gay clubs, Night In Eden finds plenty of time to dazzle with flashing fights, piercing sounds, a wild and aggressive cast, and some of the hottest and most talented porn studs around. Taped on location in one of Southern California's hottest, sleekest supper clubs, with a large cast of bartenders, deejays, security staff and fun-loving party people, and produced with the technical expertise for which Studio 2000 has become noted, Nights In Eden has the feeling and texture of a major studio release.

1. Alex Kincaid, Mike Lamas

2. Alec Powers, Adam Hart

3. Chad Donovan, Kevin Kramer

4. Adam Hart, Joshua Sterling