[Men At Play] Glass-Enclosed Bedroom - Apolo Adri & Pol Prince (720p)

Released: 8 Oct 2021

Duration: 22m 18s

The young, driven Pol Prince sells luxury homes for and to top clients. He has invited his friend Apolo Adri, an interior designer, to participate in a new project for a client with punctilious taste. However, when Apolo shows Pol the updated glass-enclosed main bedroom, he worries that it's all wrong. Don't get it misconstrued - a glass bedroom would be perfect for the right person; especially a naughty exhibitionist. But, the client was specific regarding his desire for a private space.

Fortunately, Apolo knows that the sexy Mr. Prince can have quite the influence over people; oftentimes changing their minds in his favor. What better way to demonstrate that this bedroom is perfect just the way it is than by playing in it.