[Lucas Entertainment] Cuckolds And Alpha Cocks, Sc 1 - Kosta Viking And Charlie Cherry Cuckold Tayle

Released: 8 Oct 2021

Duration: 27m 05s

Tayler Tash knew a guy as hot and horny as Kosta Viking was going to be a handful to be in a relationship with when he started dating him. But the heart wants what it wants, and Tayler fell hard and fast for Kosta and his model good looks when they first met. They started out by having a passionate love affair with one another, but eventually Kosta’s attention started to wander and he wanted to experience new men in the bedroom.

Tayler’s head and heart said NO… but the stirring in his pants say YES. Tayler Tash did not want to admit that he was turned on by not only Kosta Viking cheating on him, but by turning him into a cuckold while he sits idly by and witnesses the infidelity taking place.

Kosta Viking doesn’t start slow, and he finds a guy just as hot as him to act as the bull and pop the cuckolding cherry of this couple. No one is more suited (or appropriately named) for that duty than Charlie Cherry, and while Tayler sits by fully clothes and not allowed to pleasure himself, he watches his boyfriend Kosta Viking suck on Charlie’s cock and take it deep in his ass.

Kosta even lays on Tayler’s lap and has his boyfriend hold him while Charlie Cherry knocks him up with his seed.