Freshmen # 206, sc. 1 – Ashton Montana & Peter Annaud

As we were preparing this scene, we realized Luke forgot to film an introduction. So, we invited Ashton and Peter back to have a chat about the scene in lieu of a normal storyline. Peter is Ashton’s made-to-order lover. First, Ashton has a weakness for rimming, a skill which Peter is especially good at. Peter’s skill, and Ashton’s weakness, is demonstrated when Ashton cums soon after Peter applies his lips and tongue to Ashton’s tight little hole. Second, Ashton loves big fat cocks which is made evident as he moans in pleasure as soon as Peter uses his to plough his friend’s hole deep and fast. We’re confident Ashton will be with us for as long as we keep supplying him with fucks like the one he enjoyed today.

Duration: 19:27