Freshmen # 201, sc. 2 – Sammy Poulain & Helmut Huxley

In an update filled with firsts, here is Sammy’s first completed scene and his 2nd hardcore performance. Sammy luckily drew the long straw today, partnering with the handsome and hung Helmut Huxley. Though Tom in our lead scene, and Helmut in this, had the same job- guiding newbies in their first full scene- their approaches are different. Tom treated his task as a training session whereas Helmut regarded this as more of an assessment. Though Helmut is irreverent, he does take lovemaking seriously and is a first-rate attentive lover who pays close attention to the needs and wants of his partner. Our cameraman, Marty Stevens, bears witness as Helmut shows young Sammy how lovemaking should be done. Judging by the cummy kiss at the end, we can confidently say Sammy passed the assessment.

Duration: 18:07