BoyFun - Jocks In Charge 5

Tourist Max London has the perfect horny friend to show him around, and the perfect lad to enjoy some BoyFun. He knows how to play things right, giving handsome and fit Jared Shaw some well-deserved compliments whenever he can. It doesn't take a horny local like Jared a whole lot of convincing to get his juicy uncut cock out, the boys haven't even made it inside the house before Max is on his knees and sucking on his friend's gorgeous member. It's a sight to behold, one of the most delicious looking dicks you ever did see. Max can't get enough of that dick, it seems, but it's entirely understandable, would you be able to resist this handsome young man and his engorged length? Once the boys do manage to take a momentary break to change locations and get inside Jared is quick to get his own taste of dick, and Max has enough long and pale British cock to please the greediest of boys. Swapping their naked tools back and forth, fucking each other's mouths, and savoring the taste of precum between them gets both young men appropriately worked up for the main event. On his back with his smooth little ass up, Max invites his new friend to fill him, which is exactly what our handsome jock top Jared does, easing his fat dick into that snug pucker, slow at first but picking up steam as he slides in and out. The horny Brit gets it even deeper when he straddles that dick and rides his buddy on the couch, their moans of pleasure growing with their lust to cum. The sight of Jared's ripped body flexing as he humps his bare cock in and out of his buddy at the end of the couch is enough to have any bottom ready to blow his seed, but not before Jared blasts a hot load all over his well-worked ass!

When you're as sexy and good-looking as young jock Lucas Drake you really don't have to try too hard to entice a boy back to your place. Understandably, gorgeous little Andrew Green is more than eager to accept the random invitation, knowing full well that it's going to lead to an incredible afternoon of BoyFun. The short walk back to Lucas' apartment only increases the boy's excitement and as soon as they arrive his boner is stretching out his blue shorts. A little kissing on the couch to get to know each other is all it takes and Drake is groping for the young man's rigid length to lick and suck. Stripping down to their underwear the two are quickly swapping boners, each boy gorging on the uncut length of the other's warm erection. Andrew might not be so experienced when it comes to sharing his dick with other boys or enjoying another glistening tool, but his long and curved boner is loving every second of it. as Drake finally offers access to his smooth and muscled butt, bending over the couch at the perfect height for a good deep ramming, Andrew takes aim with his naked tip and pumps it through the tight pucker. The feel of the young man's experienced and welcoming hole is immediately intense, but the pleasure only grows when Lucas takes charge to ride his new friend. Bouncing on Andrew's dick with his own prick swinging and leaking pre he shows the boy how he likes it before laying down for a rhythmic spooning. Finally close to unleashing their cream Lucas lays back and pumps his prick, his muscled body flexing with the effort and the waves of pleasure as semen leaps from his helmet to splash down all over his abs. Andrew is ready with his reward, furiously wanking his cock in Lucas' face, pumping his goo into the young man's thirsty mouth. The boy certainly won't be shy about being picked up in the street next time.

Fit boy Luke Geer might try to keep himself to himself and ignore the playful teasing of adorable twink Lucian Fair but the young man is too insistent and determined to get the cock he craves. Luke's attempts to rebuff the horny boy's advances are soon failing once it's clear there's a genuine offer of some no-strings BoyFun. Not many young men would be able to say no to a free cock sucking from an eager twink, and Luke soon finds himself leaning back in his seat while the blond boy's mouth bobs up and down on his hot wet cock. Moments later his athletic form is revealed in all its glory, his hard length thrusting in and out of Lucian's sucking mouth, his heavy balls swinging with every pump of his hips. No doubt young Lucian would have been happy to simply service the handsome boy, but when he slips off his clothes and reveals his own pink throbber Luke can't seem to help himself, leaning down to envelop the twink's dribbling prick in his own thirsty mouth while they share a sixty-nine. Perhaps the handsome lad's build gives an indication that he's the dedicated sort, so it's no real surprise that once he's had a taste of his new pal's prick he's ready to go all the way, starting with a little licking of young Lucian's sweet hole before easing his naked cock deep inside. When our blond bottom first offered his mouth for the tanned young man to hump his cock into he might have expected to be riding that raw boner soon enough, but he probably wasn't expecting the incredible shower of semen Luke splashes out all over him once he's made young Lucian pump his own thick goo from his turgid inches. The boy won't have to try too hard to get his friend inside him next time.

Not all boys are glued to their phone screens and computer games, some still find the time to enjoy the great outdoors and take in the natural wonder surrounding them. Adorable young couple Jake and Johnny are our for a stroll on a brisk spring morning when their urge to engage in some alfresco BoyFun takes over. Perhaps it's the romantic nature of the sprawling scenery, or maybe it's just that these two young guys can't hardly keep their dicks out of each other's mouths at the best of times? Whatever the cause, Jake is soon up against a tree with his incredibly long and deliciously hard cock in his cute lover's wet and welcoming mouth. The location is secluded enough, but the boys still have to be careful of passing walkers while they swap their delicious boners, it's perhaps no wonder the two decide to save the real action for when they get back home. The warm and plush surroundings of the bedroom allows the two to really get to work, stripping naked to reveal their smooth and tight bodies for each other, quickly becoming reacquainted with their boners as they continue to suck and lick each other in turn. After so much oral teasing it's no wonder Johnny is eager to slide his hot little hole down on his friend when Jake's long cock is offered. He rides that probing shaft with clear skill, his own cock bouncing up and down with every slip along the naked shaft. On his back for some deeper probing young Johnny is quickly on the edge of climax, his cock rigid with pleasure as their moans of ecstasy escape their lips. There's just enough stamina in the tank for the handsome lad to take a second ride on Jake's warm shaft, this time in reverse-cowboy position. Jake is in heaven, he can't hold on much longer with his buddy easing his raw hole up and down his sensitive schlong, pulling out just in time to splash his milky cream. Johnny is almost there, but the feel of Jake's spent and sticky cock sliding right back up into his well-worked teen hole is what ultimately has him erupting his own copious load over himself. It's a perfect end to a lovely stroll in the countryside.

Cast: Luke Geer, Lucian Fair, Johnny Polak, Jake Olsen, Jared Shaw, Lucas Drake, Max London, Andrew Greene

Duration: 1.45 hrs.

Released: 03/2021