BoyFun - Jocks in Charge 4

Martin Hovor has been to the gym already but for the first time in a long time, he decided to wait until he got home before having a shower. Of course, after a good workout, a young man's cock is gonna be hard and needing release, so it's not at all surprising he's been enjoying a good stroke while he cleans up, his wet hands exploring his smooth and sexy body while his cock bounces and his balls churn in their sack. His roommate Lucas Drake wanders into the bathroom unaware that his friend is going at his cock, but when he peeks around the corner and catches his handsome pal hard and horny it's the perfect opportunity for the two to enjoy some BoyFun. Martin is always happy to have someone join him in the shower so when he catches his pal spying he doesn't hesitate, inviting him to come and play. Equally, fit Lucas doesn't need persuading, the boy is naked in seconds, his cock quickly rising as the two make out and their flesh meets. The young man heads down, his mouth eager to taste the wet and juicy erection Martin has been working on solo. Licking his balls and sucking his swollen tip Lucas gets the precum truly flowing, his friend's naked rod quickly prepared to slide into his raw hole. Lucas bends over the end of the tub and offers his smooth cheeks, the greedy engorged cock poking between them prodding at his tight opening and slipping inside. Although Martin was expecting to satisfy his gym boner with a long wank in the shower the pleasure of his friend's snug bareback rump is enough to have him quickly on the edge. Not wanting to cum too quickly the sexy young stud pulls out and takes his turn at sucking, lovingly slurping Lucas' cock and extending their play. The boys head to the comfort of the couch in the next room, Lucas demanding more of his friend's dick inside him and getting it, too. After a good workout first thing in the morning and so much cock pleasure, it's no wonder Martin has such a big cum load to erupt, pulling out and wanking off over his friend's face, launching an incredible shower of thick and creamy spooge over thirsty young Lucas. With his fit body smeared and splashed and the taste of Martin's semen on his tongue, Lucas is soon writhing and erupting his powerful mess from his cock, white juice firing off and splatting down over him as his moans of pleasure escape his lips. The boys are still hard when they head back to the shower to wash off their sweat and semen, but it probably won't be long before they're shooting off some more juice for each other.

Sexy jock boy Bastian Karim isn't sure about taking a ride on the Ferris Wheel, it's so far up, but he's easily convinced when his horny and handsome friend Jared Shaw offers a tempting little treat once they're on it. It might be the proposition of a kiss that had him agreeing to hop on, but perhaps the young man knew it would lead to a lot more than just a smooch. It's probably a good thing the boys wait until they're home before they start exploring each other, already a little worked up from their sexy make-out session. With a little massaging Bastian soon has Jared's incredible body at his disposal, not to mention his gorgeous thick uncut cock! Jared has an amazing dick, so meaty and delicious, any boy would love to spend a good amount of time licking and sucking it, which is precisely what handsome Bastian does. His lips slide over the tip and stretch around Jared's girthy shaft, tasting the clear nectar from his swollen tip. He loves giving head, but he enjoys getting some just as much. Once he's had a little massaging action from his buddy his own tasty muscle boy dick is out for Jared to enjoy, the young man showing off his oral skills while he works the length and tip. As you might expect, a round of mutual cock play isn't quite enough for these two BoyFun superstars. Bastian offers up his smooth round ass for his friend to enjoy and Jared wastes no time easing his naked shaft into that snug pucker, filling his boyfriend with his warm and wet meat. Bastian is quickly in heaven, the feel of his lover's rigid cock easing in and out of his jock hole is enough to make his own cock dribble clear juice in anticipation of the climax to come. He takes that dick from behind helped with a little reach around action before laying back and getting pounded even deeper. Jared's aggressive thrusting makes his buddy's cock pump hot cream out over himself, the pleasure rushing through him with each jolt of orgasmic bliss. With Bastian spent and his cock dripping he prepares to take a massive facial from his gorgeous friend, Jared's solid prick splashing ropes of hot man milk out to rain down all over his friend's handsome face and into his waiting mouth. No surprise it was easier to get him riding cock than it was to get him on the Ferris Wheel.

Whenever guys are wearing so little around each other the chance of some impromptu BoyFun breaking out becomes far more likely. Muscled young hunk James Huck is the kind of guy who usually gets what he wants, so when he makes a move on Ariel Varga in the pool the twinkier boy stands no chance. Not that he's at all complaining, of course, a little smooching in the water and he's soon being willingly led out of the pool to dry off and explore some more all-male contact. When their shorts are off and their uncut cocks are out things only get more interesting for the delicious duo, the two young hotties exploring each other and working up a couple of stiff cocks for sucking and stroking. It's an almost sensual encounter for the two, with James encouraging his friend to taste his thick meat. The boy might not be too experienced, but once he gets a taste of that big dick his cock is wet and throbbing and he can't seem to get enough! After moving to the bedroom muscled hottie James is eager to get his taste of boy boner, sucking on the long and slender shaft his younger friend has, standing impressively from a short bush of fur. The cock swapping oral only fuels their lust to fuck, when James gets his pal face-down on the bed he's sinking his girthy length between those cheeks and filling up his buddy. His beefy ass pumps up and down as his cock sinks in and slides out with slow and short thrusts, making Ariel moan with pleasure. The boy tries to take control, straddling his beefy boner buddy and impaling his pucker on that raw meat, but soon enough James is the one pumping his cock up into him and taking back the dominant role. Laying back, almost doubled over, Ariel endures a harder pounding, their pleasure growing and their loads approaching release. Watch the sticky finish as the boys lay back and stroke themselves off, Ariel's cock launching a squirting load over his friend!

Fit young footballer Jack Ganley probably wasn't expecting to be fucking a boy in the butt when he decided to go and visit his friend. Ruben Bart is left alone with the new arrival and within minutes he's making a move, confident that the handsome young lad would be down for some BoyFun. His instincts are right and although there's a language barrier there's no translation needed with it comes to dick lust. It doesn't take any convincing for Jack to be making out with his new friend, both stripping off their clothes and revealing their hard uncut cocks for each other. Handsome Jack might not be used to sucking cock, but he's starting with a feast of big boner with this boy! His cock gets sucked into a stiffy, then it's his turn to worship Ruben's awesome length, stroking his thick shaft and slurping the precum out of his swollen tip. After moving to the bedroom things get even hotter, with our footballer scoring the perfect goal and giving young Ruben a ride on his raw meat. That ass is so snug around his cock, he loves the feel of that butt riding his length, moaning appreciatively as the cum load in his balls grows ready to be splashed. Taking control, Jack rams his new buddy on his back, then gets him from behind, making Ruben moan with delight as his dick jabs in and out of his hairless hole. A little break for some ass-to-mouth sucking and Ruben is soon ready to be fucked to the finish, spooned by the handsome young man until his cock is showering his smooth body with semen and Jack is pulling out to squirt jets of jock cum right into the boy's mouth! Their mutual friend is gonna be so pissed he missed out on this horny fun!

Cast: Bastian Karim, Jack Ganley, Jared Shaw, Martin Hovor, James Huck, Lucas Drake, Ariel Varga, Ruben Bart

Duration: 1.56 hrs.

Released: 09/2020